Looking for Volunteers?

We'll help you promote your volunteering roles so you get who you need

1) Become an MSVA member
2) We’ll email you a log-in for your account where you can register your roles
3) We’ll promote your roles on our website, social media, in the local press, and at events
4) When someone expresses an interest in your roles, we’ll forward you their details and ask you to contact them
5) After a few weeks, we’ll ask you whether the referred person started volunteering with you

We can also help you put in place all the required Policies and Procedures. Just ask us!

During Covid-19

Guidance on Enabling safe and effective volunteering during COVID-19 (published 13 November 2020).

Consider creating volunteering roles for young people aged between 14-18

Giving young people the opportunity to volunteer with you has the potential to provide life-changing experiences for them and benefit their future plans as well as yours. Everyone benefits.

If you need help taking on young volunteers, get in touch: volunteering@msva.org.uk

You can find more information in the Young People and Volunteering Guide – developed by 3VA and East Sussex Volunteer Centre

According to West Sussex County Council’s Bylaws on Employment of Children 1998, children volunteering in a not-for-profit organisation DO NOT need a special work permit, whilst children volunteering in a profit-making environment (such as a charity shop) need to apply for an Employment Permit.

PLEASE NOTE: New Employment Permits are currently not being issued and all current work permits have been temporarily suspended. Please see the County Council’s website for details.